Monday, 21 January 2013

Chapter Three: Viva Emiliano Zapata

by Gato Barbieri

In 1998, I almost bought this album in Cologne’s famous and huge Saturn shop. After wandering through it for about two hours, I’ve assembled a large pile of CDs without which, I thought, I should never leave the building. But this is exactly what happened because the shop did not accept credit cards. According to Wikitravel, it still does not take them. Cursing quietly, I left my pile (containing the only copy of Chapter Three in the shop) at the counter N and rushed outside in search of an ATM. By the time I came back, the counter girl N was nowhere to be seen; ditto my collection. In the end, I managed to spend my Deutschmarks on something else.

For a few years after that, the CD was not available anywhere. Then the remastered edition appeared. For about three years, it was on my wishlist (that’s a hint, dear reader), I finally decided that enough is enough and gave it to myself as a well-deserved present. Which was nice.

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