Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Multiscale guitars

by Luca Canteri

Every self-respecting Spanish island should have a luthier. On Fuerteventura, we are lucky to have Luca Canteri. His speciality are steel-string acoustic guitars, although I know he also made a timple. Luca’s guitars were the first (and so far the last) multiscale instruments I ever held in my hands.

My first visual impression was that of dizziness. You’re expecting the frets to be parallel, and when they ain’t, you suspect something is wrong with the floor or overall geometry of the room.



I tried two of Luca’s creations, the Grand Concert Multiscale (a) and “The ParLou” (b), the latter looking a bit like a 19th-century guitar. I have to say that steel-string guitar is not exactly my thing, I feel more comfortable with a classical. For example, the neck is a bit narrow for my hands. But once you get used to the idea of fanned frets, it actually feels more natural for a left hand. (Because it is.) I liked the sound. Clear trebles, surprisingly — especially for The ParLou — loud and deep bass.

The only side-effect of my experience is that now I am convinced that I really need one of these.

More photos of acoustic guitar @ Shutterstock.

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