Friday, 10 May 2013


by Sevara Nazarkhan

Although I knew of Sevara Nazarkhan (from Songlines, for example), it was not until last month that I had a chance to sit lay down and listen. The thing is, my brother sent me another pile of music CDs — mostly jazz, plus three albums of Sevara. To my own surprise, I liked Sen more than two other, more “traditional” albums. (Disclaimer: I am not an expert in Uzbek music, traditional or otherwise, I just read the credits. Most of the music on Yol Bolsin and Tortadur is credited as “traditional”. All but two songs on Sen are composed by Sevara.) My favourite tracks are Kunlarim Sensiz (East meets Kraftwerk!) and reggae-flavoured Ne Kechar. Sevara has a beautiful voice (check out her live version of Erkalab) and she brought some truly top-notch musicians to this album. Oh, and Peter Gabriel’s got to play the bass line on Bu Sevgi. What else do you want?

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