Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Griffin and Sabine Trilogy

by Nick Bantock

Many years ago, without knowing anything about its author, I bought this extraordinary book in Oxfam. Extraordinary — not only because it has a word “extraordinary” on it. Anyone who holds it in her / his hands should realise absurdness of sentiment that the paper book has no future. In my view, this is the proper way to publish an epistolary novel. Griffin & Sabine: a beautiful reminder to use the snail mail once in a while.

So — you’ve been making love to me ten thousand miles away — how tantalizing. It accounts for the extreme potency of those drawings. I’ll have to find a way to return the affection. Remember to be gentle with yourself.
In retrospect, I’m not even sure he knew where I wanted to go. It’s difficult to be exact in pidgin.
Puck, the well-known wizard & changer of things, including himself, has had his wand stolen by the dreaded lugs. Puck sets off in pursuit, with his sidekick, Fin. However, without his wand, his spells only half-work, & he & Fin end up as a semi-banana-boat, heading downstream to recapture the wand.

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