Thursday, 27 August 2015

900B Golden Superior Classical Guitar Strings

by La Bella

RIP the old strings (CL4 Black n’Silver)

Almost five years later, I can report: these strings survived the journey from the UK to Fuerteventura, two years there, a long winter in Finland and one more year in Gran Canaria. At last, the D string broke. No, wait. It did when we were in Finland, but as it snapped close to the bridge, I was able to re-tie it. On Sunday it broke again. So on Monday Timur and I journeyed to the nearest music shop to look for a new set. For such a small shop, it has quite a good choice of classical guitar strings, but there was only one make of black nylon, viz. La Bella 900-B. And, as Timur wanted the black trebles, we’ve got black.

This time, Timur was helping to replace the strings. We also used this opportunity to clean the fretboard thoroughly.

The new set (La Bella 900-B) before being fitted

I have to say that I had these strings on my Clarissa some years ago and really liked them. Compared to (new) Black n’Silver, both bass and trebles have slightly softer sound. The bass strings are wound with American wire polished golden alloy and are considerably less squeaky (thanks to “polished”, I doubt that gold makes that much difference).

Next day, the G string on Timur’s violin broke...

More photos of nylon guitar strings @ Shutterstock.

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