Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Adams, Barker & Camara @ The Junction

“Small but perfectly formed”, as Justin Adams said about his band — or was it about the audience tonight? I thought calling tonight’s gig “Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara” was unfair to the remaining one third of the trio, Martyn Barker. Throughout the two-hour set, he did an excellent job on cajón, drumkit and assorted percussion instruments. Justin Adams — who looks like a time traveller from the late 1950s — plays a mean guitar, I really liked his style. I was not as impressed with his singing though. However, Juldeh Camara was a true star of the show. His command of riti (a one-stringed fiddle) is truly phenomenal. He is also singing, dancing and playing some other instruments I know no name. Nor do I know the names of the songs they played, except for Ya Ta Kaaya (you may wonder why is that).

There are many ways of playing blues, but these guys do it in a way I never heard before. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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