Thursday, 4 March 2010

Poison Sweet Madeira

by Sophie Solomon

Tonight, Yuri and I went to the parents consultation evening. As we were waiting in the school hall for one of our appointments, Yuri suddenly said in a solemn voice:

The night, the street, the lamp, the chemist shop.
Which, of course, was a quote from a famous poem by Alexander Blok, but, more immediately, from A Light That Never Dies.

The only drawback of Poison Sweet Madeira is that it is way too short. But that makes every second of it precious, and every one of the nine tracks here is a wonder. Listen how effortlessly Sophie Solomon shifts from tango to waltz to gypsy dance to fugue on I Can Only Ask Why. And could there be a better song to close the album than Pin Pricks & Gravy Stains? Listen and play again.

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