Friday, 12 March 2010


by Kronos Quartet

Another pointless addition to the Kronos Quartet catalogue of pretentious concept albums. Or: another masterpiece from those wonderful Kronos guys. It depends. Personally, I never was a fan of KQ, finding them too hoity-toity for my taste. Floodplain is different. I liked the first three tracks the best: Ya Habibi Ta’ala (Egyptian tango); Tashweesh, a collaboration with Palestinian hip-hoppers Ramallah Underground; and traditional Lebanese song Wa Habibi. After that, I thought the album lost its momentum a bit. (Mind you, I am listening to it for the third time and may change my opinion on that; it is difficult to give the uninterrupted attention to almost 80 minutes of music.) The final composition, ...hold me, neighbor, in this storm... by Aleksandra Vrebalov, sounds like a score for a short film.

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