Friday, 15 October 2010


by Céu

From Amazon’s editorial review of CéU:
It’s no surprise that Starbucks is behind Brazilian chanteuse CéU’s self-titled debut disc. <...> The slinky, soulful sounds would be right at home amid mocha frapuccinos and lattes with extra foam. But CéU is more than a mere coffee-club cutie.
Ceu (Dig)
And so on. Not exactly a description that would sell a CD to me. Luckily, I got it as a gift and was (until today) spared this uncalled-for knowledge.

The truth is, there is nothing lazy or clubby or particularly cute about Céu’s music. Instead, she offers ingenuity, sincerity and restraint. It took me a quite a few listenings to fully appreciate this album. I love the way she mixes vocal with electronica, turntable scratches and percussion — watch the video of Rainha and you’ll see that she can do it live too! My other favourites are Ave Cruz, Mais um Lamento, Roda and Valsa pra Biu Roque.

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