Saturday, 2 April 2011


by Rodrigo y Gabriela

The third studio album by the Mexican dynamic duo is quite remarkable. Not only give they a rest to Metallica (or any) covers. For the first time, Rod y Gab came up with something like concept album. Each of the eleven original compositions is dedicated to a musician or a band — OK, that could have been boring if it were not so frighteningly brilliant. I don’t know if they still maintain that “we don’t play flamenco” attitude but it is awfully nice of R&G to pay respect to the artists who influenced them. In the liner notes, they even list their favourite albums! Like this:

Paco de Lucía
We have met people that still don’t know who he is! The worst part is that a lot of them “work” in the music industry... Shame on them... Paco de Lucía is the music itself.
Recommended albums:
All of them!!!
The deluxe edition comes with a bonus DVD which, frankly, adds very little, especially if you saw Rodrigo y Gabriela playing live. And the tutorial for Buster Voodoo? Good luck with that one.

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