Sunday, 17 April 2011

Сантехник, его кот, жена и другие подробности

by Слава Сэ

Some people think that blogging is intrinsically inferior to the Big Literature™. Well. The plumber, his cat, his wife and other details is a testament to the fact that a good blog can be published as a best-selling book. On good paper. And I was thinking there was no humourous Russian literature anymore.

У Ляли в попе дырка. Это ужас. В молодости её не было. Но вчера Ляля выросла и пошла мыть попу сама. И нашла в себе ужасную новость.
Раньше-то хорошо жилось с весёлой, а главное, целой попой. Форма, цвет, аромат, звучание — всё было безупречно. Персики считали этот зад лучшим среди себя и старались подражать во всём. И вдруг, в самом центре датского королевства находится дырка, тревожная, как свист в ночи.
Lyalya has a hole in her bottom. It’s a horror. She had no such thing in her youth. But yesterday, Lyalya grew up and went to wash her bottom all by herself. And found the terrible news.
It was a good life before, with a cheerful and, most importantly, intact bottom. The shape, the colour, the aroma, the sound — everything was perfect. The peaches believed this arse was the best among themselves and tried to imitate everything it did. Then, all of a sudden, bang in the middle of the State of Denmark there is a hole, alarming as a whistle in the night.

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