Tuesday, 13 March 2012


a film by Miloš Forman

I first saw Hair the movie in early 1990s. A colleague gave me the VHS tape, most probably recorded from the telly somewhere in Scandinavia (English soundtrack, Swedish subtitles). I didn’t understand half of it but I liked it a lot.

Last weekend, I watched it on DVD in a hope to get an inspiration for my carnival attire. The theme of this year’s carnival in Corralejo is “musicals” and I can’t think of anything suitable for me. Except maybe someone from Hair.

Of course, the film is significantly different from the Broadway musical. (Thank goodness! I don’t believe one could or, indeed, should fit ten more songs in the movie.) But it is still a musical.

The DVD, mastered back in 2001, is not much better than the VHS tape. Judging from the user’s reviews of Blu-ray edition, the definitive digital reissue of Hair remains in the future.

The Black Boys / White Boys sequence is one of the funniest musical numbers in Hair.

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