Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Open Music

a project by LinuxTag

In my search for copyright-free music I came across this curious collection. OK it is ten years old and most of songs must have sounded dated already back then. Just listen to Open Source by Magic Mushrooms or The Coming Through by Matthew Lien and you’ll see hear what I mean. But listen first.

My favourite song is Mr. Schwinn by Darryl Purpose.
Mr Schwinn was as thin as a pelican’s grin
And I took him my bike when the wheel wouldn’t spin
When the wheel wouldn’t spin and the gear wouldn’t shift
For fixing a bike, the man had a gift

They were stashed in the back of his waterfront shack
His and her bikes, perfectly matched
Perfectly matched like a groom and a bride
Waiting to take their honeymoon ride
It’s been a while since I enjoyed the lyrics so much.

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