Saturday, 5 October 2013


by Rhythm Funk Masters

So what’s “Arctic” doing in the title? I don’t really know. Maybe it is to indicate that Finland is close to Arctic? But I can’t honestly say I hear anything specifically Finnish or Nordic here. If somebody played it to me and said that it is a 1970s recording of an obscure American band, I would probably believe it. The keyboards definitely sound vintage 1970s. As it happens, Afro-American-Arctic is a 2007 album by an obscure (but great nonetheless) Finnish band. And, as far as my (not very thorough) research shows, it is the only album recorded by Rhythm Funk Masters. Which is a bloomin’ shame, because after listening to it for half a dozen times, I want more of them! Just listen, and you will want too.

I post here the complete credits: funk should know its heroes.

  1. Enormous Introduction
  2. Gogo
  3. Nudinuff
  4. Non Compos Mentis
  5. Radio Bembe
  6. Latin Bantu Lounge
  7. Bushman
  8. Frantic Activity
  9. Highway
  10. Arctic Rainforest
Rhythm Funk Masters
    Mikko Pöyhönen: drums
    Jarkko Toivanen-Myllärniemi: bass
    Mikko Kosonen: guitar
    Jukka Heikkinen: keyboards
    Aleksi Ahoniemi: tenor sax, soprano sax, flute
    Timo Lassy: baritone sax, flutes (7)
    Mikko Pettinen: trumpet
    Jay Kortehisto: trombone
    Tero Rantanen: percussion, conga solo (5)
    Aarne Riikonen: percussion
    Juuso Hannukainen: percussion, tama solo (9), djembe solo (2)
    Fernando Da Silva: the voice (1)
    Aleksi Oksanen: djembe (1, 2, 4)
    Terhi Valmala: kenkeni, sangban, dundunba (1, 2, 4)
    Jukka Uljas: tenor sax solo (2)
    Teijo Jämsä: drums (7)
    Abdissa Assefa: percussion (7)
    Eero Savela: flugelhorn (7)
    Tapani Rinne: bass clarinet (10)
    Composed by Jukka Heikkinen except 1 by Jukka Heikkinen / Jarkko Toivanen-Myllärniemi and 3 by Jukka Heikkinen / Sami Saari
    Recorded at Sumo, Helsinki by T-Mu Korpipää and Jukka Heikkinen
    Mixed at Sumo by T-Mu Korpipää except 7 by Jukka Heikkinen
    Mastered at Finnvox by Pauli Saastamoinen
    Artwork and photo by Jani Tolin at Alfons Helsinki
    Produced by Jukka Heikkinen

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