Thursday, 31 October 2013

Buena Vodka Social Club

by Leningrad Cowboys

On this all-original album, Leningrad Cowboys sound great — even without Alexandrov Ensemble. Maybe not all songs are everybody’s shot of vodka, but they all are worth sampling. If I may advise, don’t buy the MP3 album, get the real thing, if only for the exclusive explosive cocktail recipes. For example, here’s the song:

And here’s the recipe:

Take 50 liters of quality vodka and pour it into a bathtub, crash 5 balalaikas and throw them in. Sprinkle some gunpowder on top and dive in naked with a few yellow rubber ducks. Take a water pistol, fill it and enjoy! After a few drinks, call your neighbors and ask them to visit. Remember to repeat three times everything you say... Nothing’s better than a confused neighbor.
You’ll never drink alone.

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