Saturday, 26 October 2013

Na Afriki

by Dobet Gnahoré

After listening to Na Afriki, I went to check some of her live videos on YouTube. What an amazing woman: composer, singer, dancer, percussionist. Dobet left school at 12 to study theatre, dance, music and singing with her father and his fellow artists. She is now on the top of my “to watch” (live!) list.

This song, Djiguene (Woman), is sung in Wolof. On this album, Dobet also sings in Dida, Fon, Guéré, Lingala, Malinke and Xhosa.

Na Afriki

  1. Dala (sung in Dida)
  2. Djiguene (sung in Wolof)
  3. Issa (sung in Malinke)
  4. Inyembezi zam (sung in Xhosa)
  5. Télo dé (sung in Dida)
  6. Khabone-n’daw (sung in Wolof)
  7. Jho avido (sung in Fon)
  8. Yekiyi (sung in Malinke)
  9. Ma poô (sung in Guéré)
  10. Pygmées
  11. Palea (sung in Dida and Arabic)
  12. Pillage (sung in Lingala)
  13. Loubou (sung in Dida)
  14. Massacre (sung in Dida)
  15. Mousso Tilou (sung in Malinke)

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