Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pasqua Villa Borghetti Bardolino Classico 2012

My, it is getting cold here. Cold, as in below 0 °C cold. Which means that, for example, I have to drain the water tank in sauna. Which also means that the beer season is almost over. And so, for the first time in two months of our life in Finland, we’ve ventured to the nearest Alko shop.

It was really painful to see some of my favourite Spanish wines so exorbitantly priced. At times, three times as expensive as in Spain.

The trick, for me at least, is not to look at Spanish wines at all, but concentrate on French and Italian ones instead. I already mentioned that Italian wine was rather expensive in Corralejo. And look, I found this nice bottle of Bardolino, just under €8. That makes me feel, if for a short while, slightly better. Although of course it is still a daylight robbery.

The label info, as it often happens, is lost (or reinvented) in translation.

Proveniente da vigneti nella zona collinare del lago di Garda sud-orientale, è un vino fresco, con deliziosi aromi fruttati, che ricordano marasca e ribes, di medio corpo e sapido al palato. Si accompagna a piatti tipici della cucina veronese como risotti, luccio con polenta o coniglio in umido.
Bardolino indicates the vineyards located in south-eastern shore of Lake Garda. This is a clean, crisp, light ruby red wine, with delightful aromas of wild cherry and blackcurrant and a fresh acidity on the palate. Pairs well with first course dishes, such as risotto, fish soups and white meat entrées.
Oh, I wouldn’t mind the rabbit stew with it! In fact, that’s exactly what I’d be considering to consume in Corralejo this time of year. (Sadly, pike wasn’t on offer in Fuerte.) But, for the benefit of English, who obviously will be shocked by the gastronomical use of their fluffy pets, an alternative is found... which is not even close.

More photos of red wine @ Shutterstock.

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