Friday, 20 January 2017

IV Festival Flamenco Romí

At last! The fourth edition of the Festival Flamenco Romí, previously limited to Tenerife, arrived to Gran Canaria. This year, both islands hosted the festival, in Auditorio Teobaldo Power (La Orotava) and Teatro Municipal Juan Ramón Jiménez (Telde). I kind of knew about it, because last December I saw a poster advertising the festival and I can’t just walk past a poster that has the name of Jorge Pardo on it. I was not so sure about Telde though. And then I forgot all about it, until last Saturday morning, when Tamara asked me if I were interested in it at all, since our friend Anna Villacampa apparently was going there too. And so, as a last-minute decision, I took a bus to Telde.

Indeed, Anna was there, even though I couldn’t find her name in the online program. It turned out that she and our very own Ballet Español de Javier del Real were hidden under the moniker “artistas invitados”, as if the rest of the artistes came all way down here uninvited. By the way, this is the first time ever I bought the ticket to see Anna in action, and I must add that her Saturday performance was even more scintillating than “usual”.

The last time I saw Jorge Pardo was in 1996, when he was playing with the Paco de Lucía sextet. I still remember his flute solo (and when I say solo, I mean everybody else just walked off the scene) as a high point of the show, which is really difficult to imagine now considering that the whole concert was quite a high point, but there you are. So this time, when everybody else just walked off the scene, I knew what to expect... and I’m glad that Señor Pardo has proved me wrong, for it was still unexpected. Not sure how to describe it but for a moment I thought that Paco himself was on stage (playing flute? and why not). Later, when the band came back, they performed Sólo quiero caminar. Thank you, maestro, for the time travel!

IV Festival Flamenco Romí
Teatro Municipal Juan Ramón Jiménez, 14.02.2016

    Jorge Pardo: flute, sax
    Josemi Carmona: guitar
    José Manuel Ruiz “Bandolero”: percussion
    Pedro Jiménez: piano
    Jonathan Muñoz: bass
    Saray Muñoz: cantaora
    Saray Fernández “La Pitita”: bailaora
    Vivi Cadiz: cantaora
    Enrique Piculabe: cantaor
    El Ballet Español de Javier del Real
    Anna Villacampa Gómez: bailaora

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