Thursday, 26 November 2009

Arco Iris on Ice

I thought, since I am not employed any longer, I won’t attend any more meetings. But no. Arco Iris had an AGM yesterday, instead of the second half of the practice. With chairperson, minutes, reports etc. Luckily, this only happens once a year, and in fact it was rather interesting, though it did not finish in time. I had to rush to train and did not exercise my right to vote (elections of the next committee).

Among other stuff, I learned that Arco Iris played impressive 36 (!) gigs this year. I am glad that I have contributed to some of these events.

Today was my tenth gig with the band. Also it was the longest set so far (one-hour set by the ice rink on Parker’s Piece, as a part of the Cambridge Music Festival). And the coldest. Maybe we did not sound our best tonight, but the ice skaters looked as if they were enjoying the music.

I need tea.

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