Saturday, 21 November 2009

Coffee concert

Today the DSWS Jazz Band gave a performance during the coffee break (11:00 to 11:30; actually 11:10 to 11:40). This was my first (and maybe last) gig with this band. When I started, back in September, I thought I will play bass. It turned out they already have electric bass and double bass, so I switched to guitar. Today’s program was:
    Beefeaters (Johnny Dankworth)
    Yesterday’s Blues Today (Alan Hare)
    Moanin’ (Bobby Timmons)
    Doghouse (Brian Harrison)
    Walkin’ with the Blues (Jim Bethea)
    African Waltz (Galt MacDermot)
Before I joined the band, I never heard any of these tunes except Moanin’. I hope nobody noticed that I played the second part of one song instead of second part of another one (the sheet music swap, easy as that). Four of these six are in F minor, so there is a good chance of playing in key. Keeping the volume down also helps.

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